Tre Takes A Look at AMD Graphics Cards

So I have been in the business of checking out AMD, right? I've always been a huge fan of the manufacturer's processing units, basically the brain of a computing system. However, a friend of mine mentioned this in a conversation, that I never really looked at their graphics card department. 

Reason behind this was that I always -- always -- have an NVidia graphics card mounted on any rig I build because I have a set budget and already researched a bunch about NVidia. However, I never took a look at AMD's video cards. I want to talk a little about them here.

So my favorite series from AMD is the FX series. They are tough processors, and are also budget. But what about the video cards? I took a quick peek at what the company had to offer and I am quite surprised, to be honest. There were actually some good products. Obviously, I didn't come in expecting absolutely nothing, but I've heard relatively little (compared to big company NVidia) about how good the cards really were. 

I now look forward to buying graphics cards from AMD instead of exclusively from NVidia because not only are some of the cards cheaper, but they seem to perform well with the processing unit I have them in (also AMD). We'll see.

Stay tuned.